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Steps Reunion

That is correct, after 7-years away from the role, I will be reprising the lead as the stiff upper lipped, Richard Hannay, in the Hitchcock spoofed “The 39 Steps”. It is slated for release in June 2019 at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House in Newcastle and I cannot wait to begin rehearsals. “This is Patrick […]

“Best Lead Actor” Nomination (MIFF)

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the “Best Lead Actor” award at the 2018 Madrid International Film Festival.  Can’t quite believe that I will be up against one of my screen heroes, Mr Peter O’Toole, in his final curtain call (RIP Peter).

My Career in Transition

So I landed myself a feature film role, in a movie titled ‘Tansition’. I’m to play a character called Mark who is very much in love with his new fiancé, when I meet an untimely demise, but alas, I return from the dead – in ghost form? I don’t know if I am a ghost […]

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Captor – Short Film (2013)


Jay Mullen as the troubled George Bailey was phenomenal. His accent was exactly the same as James Stewart – a little hard to get used to but amazing none the less.

It’s A Wonderful Life reviewed by Danielle Beeton

Star of the show was Jay Mullen as an energetic Buttons. He developed a good report with the audience and dealt with a particularly persistent heckler with aplomb.

Cinderella reviewed by Rob Lawson

Jay Mullen is a great actor. I have absolutely no confusion whatsoever about his ability on the boards. His professionalism shines through.

Forget-Me-Knot reviewed by Michael Hunter

Not content with his adaptation and direction, Jay added his 10 years acting experience to an already strong cast… Performed perfectly.

Finders Keepers reviewed by Ross Robertson

Double act Beck and Moon, played by Jay Mullen and Adam Straughan respectively, hit the spot by balancing their funny scenes with the dramatic and emotional parts of the story.

Bones reviewed by Fiona Thompson

Jay Mullen as the Scarecrow has a wonderful physicality that allows himself to literally throw himself into his part.

The Wizard of Oz reviewed by Linda Green

An incredible performance as Mr Zeinfeld, every second packed with a comically-perfect gesture, an immaculately-designed twitch or a perfectly-pitched line.

Forget-Me-Knot reviewed by Ross Robertson
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