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14th February 2017

This was the first script I handed in for assignment one of my MA Screenwriting course.

The brief was simple and at the same time daunting, write an 18 page script on whatever you like.  I find if someone says write about any character in any time and place on any subject and you can write it in any genre whatsoever, that there are far too many options.  If someone said write about a folk singer, a whoopee cushion, set it in the 1960’s and it has to be a horror you might initially think ‘what am I going to do with that?’ but having set pieces enables you to focus your mind toward the task at hand.  Anything and everything can be more difficult, even more so when there’s a deadline.

Initially I decided I wanted to try and just write visually, using very little to no dialogue.  It isn’t a natural thing to do, not speak, so I wanted to give a conceivable reason as to why no one was talking and finally I wanted to write in a genre that interested me and for the script to be escapism as opposed to a kitchen sink drama.

One of the challenges I faced, in writing with very little dialogue, was slipping into prose like descriptions when writing the action of the script.  A big no no.   With that in mind here is my unedited script from year one, assignment one of my master’s course (Flaws and all).

Free to download and read, not free to share or produce without my consent.  Thank you

Brief Synopsis:  

Set in a dystopian future, the prisoners of ‘Provenance’ are expected to work toward the betterment of mankind.  Within the compound there is to be no communication or physical involvement with other prisoners and repeat offenders will be reprimanded with the utmost severity.

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