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Band of Fools

14th July 2018


“To have a comeback, you must first have a setback”


A drunken, has-been singer of a 90’s boy band faces financial ruin until he is offered a big money pay day if he can reunite his estranged band for a one off comeback concert.

Brief Synopsis:  

In this ‘Entourage’ meets ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ original comedy crime-drama series, we follow Peter ‘Lucky’ Kelly, the Robbie Williams of once world famous boy band ‘The Fools’.  Lucky is still living a champagne lifestyle but on a Lambrusco budget, fame is fading and the vultures are circling.  A lifeline is offered in the form of a one off reunion gig and Lucky must defy the odds to reunite his estranged ex-band mates.

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