Masters of the Universe…ity!

17th August 2018

Hey all, welcome to my first news post.

I will let you know what I have been up to, currently doing and hope to do over the next few months that we have remaining this year.

Let me start by saying that I have been studying a master’s degree in creative writing, specializing in screenwriting, which is coming to an end.  I have approximately 6-weeks left to write my three television screenplays for assessment.

Once complete I hope to find representation and submit my screenplays for production.  I am however restricted at the moment as the university does not permit me to distribute my work until it has been graded.  Presently I have found a production company willing to accept my 60-minute unsolicited script, which I also intend to submit to the BBC writer’s room this October/November for their drama submissions window.

Currently you can find info on one of those scripts here at my website, ‘Band of Fools’, my 60-minute drama.  I am also working on a 30-minute comedy ‘The Pretenders’ and 30-minute action series ‘Family Assets’, which will both be appearing here at some point this year.

You will find free, unrestricted access to my short stories here, at this moment in time they are all unproduced and have been written by me for university assignments or script-writing competitions,  however my TV and Movie scripts will be more than likely limited to their core information with the scripts themselves being password protected.

I will endeavour to keep this site up to date, sharing with you my work, aspirations and developments.

Thank you for your support.

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